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Main Features

Create Transactions
Open Dashboard
Recall Receipt
Closing Daily
Cashier Closing Report
User Access
Preview/Print Reports
Integrating POS Printer (Kitchen Supported)
Easily Connect to Front Office
Touchscreen Support

Easy and Simple

POS system is extremely easy to set up and easy to use. You will find a POS system with an intuitive interface to process sales quickly and keep updated. Remember that any POS system that is confusing to understand or complicated to use will reduce employee satisfaction.


POS screen can show a graphical dashboard, which is automatically updated as an information for ongoing sales. Dashboard can display a graph based on sales data for Outlet, desk, cashier, etc. The graph at the bottom of the Dashboard can show today's sales VS yesterday sales. There are also information about number of tables in use and the number of tables that are available for each outlet ..

Editing Transaction

POS has a modern design, with an interface that is easy to use, built on the latest .NET standards. Fast, responsive, and designed to work well with using a mouse and keyboard, or touch-based input. Features such as bill split, merge table, split table, move table, join table, setting bill layout .. All available.