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iStok Main Features

Controlling Inventory and Costs
Controlling Debt
Drill-down to the deepest details
Close the book every day
Import from MS Excel files
Integrated with FO (Front Office)
Integrated with POS (Point of Sales)
Integrated with BO (Accounting)


Display daily summary transactions in calendar view.
Drill-down feature that can view today transaction details by two kind of transaction type: Inventory and Accounts Payable

Inventory Master

Can see the movement of the stock with location details, quantity, price, number of transactions, transaction types. Simplify accounting to see the details of the account number.

AP Browser & Mutation Browser

AP Browser: Monitor debt to suppliers with ease in accordance with aging. • Mutation Browser: Monitor the movement of debt, payment or deposit

POS Dashboard

Displays POS sales from outlets with a visual diagram that can drill-down to the detail. Facilitate the user to compare the sales outlets with one another.

Purchase Inquiry

With the Purchase Inquiry, the user can view the purchases that have been made per month on an annual time scale.