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Dashboard View

Current Status : Show the current Hotel status (% Occupancy, Tonight Occupancy, Tonight Available, etc..)
Main View : Show Room Occupancy, House Use and Out of Order rooms within selected period
Details View : Showing detail of the information if the user selects one of the lists in the 'Current Status' window

Room View

Check the status of the rooms from each room in the hotel .. like Vacant, Occupied, Dirty, Out of order, Reserved.

Room Chart

Easy to understand visual display gives a clear picture of what happened at the hotel, so you can see every detail of the guest only from one view.

Room Inventory

Easy to see room availability, room status with all relevant rate. Automatically displayed for each type of room and every day - no need to remember or refer to a complex rate structure anymore.


Analysis of earnings and key performance throughout the monthly view, weekly and daily. By using detailed graphs and charts.

House Keeping

Create daily cleaning schedule for your Hotel. This House Keeping list can be printed and given to the cleaning staff ..