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Show Current Hotel Status

(% Occupancy, Availability, etc..)

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Room Chart

Visual display that is easily seen

gives the overall look

of what happened inside the Hotel

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Back Office (BO)

Recoding Cash, Bank and Assets

Profit and Loss report, up to the Balance Sheet ..

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Back Office - Bank Book

Recording of Cash and Bank

easily traced

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POS - Point of Sale

POS System integrated with Front Office (FO)

easily connect to POS Printer

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POS - Point of Sale (Dashboard)

updated automatically

chart based on sales data

All About Hotel System

Front Office (FO), POS, INV, Back Office (BO). Contact Us!.

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Front Office (FO)

Hotel Management, Reservation, Housekeeping, Statistic..

Inventory (INV)

Goods process and distribution. The system can be combined with Hotel System or stand alone..

Point of Sales (POS)

POS System integrated with Hotel and Inventory System.

Back Office (BO)

Recording Cash and Bank, Assets, Profit and Loss Reporting, Balance, etc..

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